… a picture of something (or someone) you cannot live without.

I really couldn’t live without any one of these things!  But, (and I know this might sound callous) my husband is the ONE thing I could never life without.  I know I’m going to offend some people right now, but I’ll try to make my thoughts clear.  I love my children, but a lot of that love comes from the fact that they are his!  If anything were to, heaven forbid, happen to one of my children we could always have another.  And not to say that children are replaceable, but when the one common factor that unites all four of them (Jared) is gone… I can’t even comprehend that fact for even a moment to put it into words.

I’ve lived through not having children and loosing pregnancies and it is hard and devastating, but survivable!  But, as Heathcliff so eloquently says, “I cannot live without my life!  I cannot live without my soul!”  And I add to that by saying that I cannot live without my better half, Jared!



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2 responses to “DAY 2

  1. I think it absolutely makes sense that your husband is “the one” because someday our babies grow up and move out and fall in love and start their own families. They will have a spouse they madly adore and want to be with for eternity. While I hope my kids want to be my neighbor (now and forever!) it’s my husband that is my partner in all things.

    So I understand what you meant. 🙂

    • Thank you, Heidi! I’m glad someone understood my scrambled thoughts. I’m not very good at expressing my feelings coherently. And you’re right, they will move on and then it’s just back to Jared and I as a team of two again!

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