Occupational Therapy

Jacob has progressed so much since we saw Rebecca last.  Today’s focus was on fine motor strengthening!

Jacob worked on three strengthening tasks.

  1. She had him use kitchen tongs to grab small practice golf balls.  He had to squat down to get them which will be an added bonus for the physical therapist 🙂 .  He ended up squatting 20-25 times to get the balls.  Rebecca gave him one physical prompt on how to open/close the tongs using two hands.
  2. Jacob sat on the floor to open/close easter eggs.  Inside were two halves of an animal toy that he then had to put together.  He had to line up the slots and push together.  We’ve been working a lot on that since her last visit and it really showed and it showed.  He did an excellent job working independently.
  3. Rebecca braved the scary world of scissors today.  She had a pair of self opening scissors that really had him drooling with concentration.  He needed moderate assistance at the beginning but then he could snip away with stand by assistance.  In the end he was able to snip 2 one-inch pieces of paper.

Such a good therapy session today!  He had excellent attention today, something I’ve been worried about since he has turned two and wants to do his own thing.  I’m so happy we’re moving in the right direction!


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