… a hobby you have.

By definition a hobby is: “an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, often in one’s spare time“.  Since I really don’t have much spare time I don’t know if I have a hobby!  There are many things that I enjoy doing though, but they all seem to be for the benefit of my family.

I LOVE to experiment in the kitchen.  It’s so rewarding to hear your family “ooh” and “aah” over something you’ve created for them.

I LOVE to take pictures.  I’m not very good at it, but I do love documenting the life of my family.  It’s, again, so rewarding to look back through old pictures and recall experiences that you would have otherwise forgotten (especially since my children have sapped what few brain cells I had to begin with).

I LOVE to refurbish things.  It’s fun to look at things from a different point of view and be able to create something out of it instead of sending it to the trash.  Now all I need to start learning is how to work industrial tools to finish some of my larger projects!

It seems I’m always doing something around the house, and maybe that’s why I feel like I have so little down time.  But I try my hardest to change things up and keep things exciting for my family.  It’s so easy to get bored with the monotony of every day life, but I feel that it’s my responsiblity (especially as a stay-at-home mom) to kick things up a notch.  I plan and prepare and research and experiment so that I can be happy in my calling as a mother and wife and that my family will be blessed for my ability to magnify that calling!  Call it having a hobby, I like to see it as being the best ME possible!


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