Emma’s Turn in the Spotlight!

I’ve known about Emma’s award ceremony since Monday when she brought home the invitation.  So it was no big deal when we started to get ready to leave at 2:00 for the 2:30 ceremony.  I did think it was a bit odd that we (the A.M. class) had to come back to the school later in the afternoon, but the invite said 2:30 so we would be there at 2:30.

As I was getting Emma ready to leave she asked where we were going.  I told her we were going to the school to have an assembly.  She responded, “Oh, like the one I had today at school?”  That peaked my interest.  I asked her to tell me about it while I did her hair.  She said that Mrs. Y called her up and gave her three awards and everyone clapped for her.  WHAT???

I tell you, I was so confused and felt pretty bad.  Here were are at home, getting ready to leave for an assembly that has already taken place, just days after we all packed up and went to watch Benjamin’s, and come to find out the assembly has already occurred and I wasn’t there to cheer her on!?!  I decided that I was going to head down to the school, with the certificates, and see if Mrs. Y would let her receive them again.

When I get to the school Mrs. Y walks right up to me and asked if my invitation said 2:30 on it (which it did) and then apologized profusely.  I guess there were several invites that got mixed up.  When I showed her that we brought the awards she all but hugged me.  She was eager to have Emma line up with her PM class and give her awards to her again.  I’m so glad she’s such an easy lady to work with 🙂 .

As Emma sat down with the PM class, a group of kids that she has never met before, I was surprised to see her talking very animatedly with the girl next to her.  After the ceremony I asked her if she knew the little girl to which she responded in the negative.  I’m surprised at how easily it is for her to makes friends especially when you consider what a late bloomer she was.

The Principles’ Award: has mastered everything that she needs to advance to the first grade PLUS perfect attendance!


Here she is getting up for the second time!  You could tell how happy she was that we were there by the massive grin on her face!

Emma and Mrs. Y!  I do have to say that I was a little apprehensive about Emma not getting Mrs. Toffelmire.  We loved her so much when Benjamin had her and I knew that Emma would progress so much in her classroom.  I was a little nervous that Emma would have a hard time focusing and participating with someone as dominant as Mrs. Y but it turned out to be one of the best things possible.  Mrs. Y was a first grade teacher last year and has really noticed how advanced Emma is.  She sends home extra homework assignments and really pushes her, academically.  Consequently, Emma has gained an amazing love of school work and would prefer to work on worksheets and read than to just randomly draw.

We took a video of the three-minute ceremony, but since I was also taking pictures Joseph (my four-year old) was the camera man!  If it’s a bit wobbly, I apologize 🙂 .


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  1. Tracy Benites

    Way to go Emma!!!

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