… something/someone you’re proud of.


My home!

There’s the fact that we bought this as a foreclosure and therefore it needed a lot of work to get it the way we wanted it.  We’re still in the process of making it our own, but putting in all those man hours has really made us appreciate and love everything about our home.  But then there’s the other reason that’s not so visibly noticeable.  Just the other week my grandparents commented on how comfortable our home was.  Jared and I work really hard at trying to create a pleasant atmosphere that our children an others can feel comfortable in.  My home is nicely decorated but not overly done so that people feel uncomfortable.  But I do think it goes a bit deeper than that too.  We make sure that our home is worthy of the spirit!


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One response to “DAY 9

  1. Ron Larsen

    Your house looks beautiful and a whole lot better than the first time I saw it.

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