I hate clutter!  If I don’t need it or haven’t used it in a while I toss it or give it away.  I find that I work better when I have a clean work place and when I know where everything is.

I’m sure you all have a spot in our house where things go to die 🙂 .  I have several places like that, where I put a piece of paper and can never  find it again.  But the place that has been bugging me for a while is right in the middle of everything.

This section of the kitchen has unofficially been the catch-all for bills, homework, study books, certificates, passes, directories and phone books.  I never feel like my kitchen is completely clean and this area probably has a great deal to do with that.

I set out today to fix it and make it as clean and organized as possible.  All I needed was a bit of corkboard and some hot glue.  And about 30 minutes to sort and weed through everything 🙂 .

In the end, it looked a bit like this!!!

And that’s because I utilized the space INSIDE my cabinets!  Who would have thought that the little indentation inside the cabinet door would one day be of use 🙂 .  The roll of corkboard fit exactly right inside the indent.  That along with binders and folders I was able to organize all the children’s extra school work and all our weekly papers.



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