DAY 14

… a picture of something you ate and 10 confessions.

I just finished inhaling this for lunch!  It was sooooo good!  A little celery and a little fresh parsley mixed together with tuna and homemade mayo, topped with some spinach and sliced tomatoes, all wrapped together with a slice of double fiber bread!!!  The perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

1.  I’ve never had a cavity.  I’m nearly 30 and I haven’t had a single one, although I’m sure now that I’ve put that out there the dentist will find one on my next visit.

2.  I go through spurts of being very health conscious (for both me and my family) and then the exact opposite, in the extreme.  I remember one night serving cookies for dinner!  Bad, I know.

3.  I can’t seem to get on board with this whole flat shoe thing that’s going on.  I like fashion and staying on trend but I need some type of heel to boost my 5 foot 2 inch frame!  I bought my first pair of flip-flops last summer.  Before that I’d never owned a pair.

4.  I write way too much!  I think that’s why all my other journal attempts have failed because I feel this constant need to fill every little nook and cranny with writing.

5.  I am so not a lady!  I’m not exactly a tomboy, but I am really loud and boisterous.  I feel ashamed when I watch Pride and Prejudice or other movies along those lines because those ladies were so refined and knew when it was too much.  I sit and watch a show with my husband and I’m slapping my leg and rolling on the floor belly laughing.

6.  I hate to text message.  I’m probably the only one.  It has nothing to do with my lack of intellect but everything to do with the fact that all those LOL’s and smiley faces isn’t the same as hearing the smile in someone’s voice as you talk to them.  When I talk to them I know it’s real and genuine and nothing can get lost in translation!

7.  I have a shoe box FULL of candy on the top shelf of my pantry that I frequently visit throughout the week!

8.  I think I’ve said this before, but I am addicted to Webkinz!  It’s something about earning money through playing games that makes it so fulfilling (I’m joking!).  If only earning money were that easy.

9.  I read books over and over again.  It isn’t enough for me to buy a book and just read it once, although I know several people who do.  I will wear it out and probably buy another one when the first one is tattered and torn.  I feel that if a book is really good, good enough to recommend to others, then it shouldn’t be left to just one reading.  And I get so much more out of it the second and third time.  It’s not that the plot or anything like that has changed but I’m able to see it from a different perspective.

10.  I sleep until 7:30 maybe 8:00 almost every morning.  My kids are amazing sleepers, always have been, which makes for a happy mom especially when that mom is NOT a morning person.  I’ll stay up most nights ’til past 1:00.  Lately, I’ve been trying to be better and get to bed by midnight.


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