DAY 19

… nicknames you have & how or why you have them.

  1. Magpie“…  All I can remember is that it was junior high (6th, 7th, 8th grade).  My history teacher, Mr. Boshko was an amazing man.  My assigned seat was in a row with three other girls.  We talked so much, both together and actively participating in class, that he nicknamed us Magpie #1, Magpie #2, Magpie #3, and Magpie #4.  Each year after that he designated one group of girls as Magpies.  It was fun being one of the first!
  2. Bri“; “Bribee“…  I have been called this ever since I can remember.  Most of my family calls me this, but I do have a few really close friends that use the name.
  3. Sister Johnson“… Since I’m the Primary chorister I’m normally referred to as Sister Johnson.  Although, occasionally I get called “mommy” or “teacher” by some of my little preschoolers.
  4. Mom“; “Mommy“…  My older kids call me this all the time.  I drew a line several months back when they learned my first name and started calling me “Brianna” instead.  It’s too weird coming out of their little mouths.
  5. Sweetheart“…  This is Jared’s favorite thing to call me.  Although he does use “mommy” and “Brianna” as well.
  6. Dah“…  It’s Jacob’s word for ‘Dad’, but he uses it to address me as well.  No matter how many times I correct him he seems to shy away from calling me ‘Mama‘ like before.  So, for now, I’m “Dah“.

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