DAY 20

… if you had 3 wishes, what would they be.

For my first wish, I would wish that all of Jared’s loans would be forgiven.  Either that they’d go away or that we’d have enough money to pay them off completely.  I’m not going to even go to the point of winning a million dollars or anything crazy like that.  I don’t mind having a mortgage payment and bills, but I would like to have that one thing off our back so that we can truly move on.  Especially if my husband is contemplating the idea of medical school.

For my next wish, I would wish for a cure for diabetes.  It runs in my family and having to watch family members live with the results of that disease is painfully sad.  While I’m at it, I’d wish for a cure for cancer and Alzheimer’s.  The idea that one day everything that I am and that I worked so hard to create being stripped from me slowly by Alzheimer’s is such a scary thought.

And for my third and final wish, I wish that my children will all grow old and happy.  With all the crazy things that go on in our world I can’t help that my mind goes on crazy wild tangents about the end of the world or if a natural disaster were to strike.  I’m always fearful of what would happen to my children in a situation like that and then I’m mad because my children should have to face scary things like that.  I guess I’d be okay with them facing hard and difficult times if I had a guarantee that they would survive and be able to have families of their own and grow old and watch their families grow as well.


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