DAY 22

… what makes you different from everyone else.

Um, other than the obvious (the way I look)… I think I’d have to say what sets me apart from others is what I’m passionate about, or the way I think.  I have my own way of looking at things that makes me able to see people a certain way and love them a certain way.  I feel like I got some great qualities from my dad that make me a blessing in the lives of my family.  I’m kind of a crazy nut, and I have no problem getting down on the ground and playing with my kids on their level.  It makes me think of this past weekend when I was able to spend time with my niece and nephew from Arizona.  While all the adults sat around and talked and interacted with the kids from a sitting or standing position I took it to another level.  Not to say that the kids didn’t enjoy spending time with the other adults, but that was a big thing that set me apart from the other adults.  I think it creates some fonder memories for the kids and hopefully they’ll be able to remember those times and be able to feel that they were loved!!!


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