DAY 25

… what I would find in your bag.

That’s a tricky one.  I have three different bags that I use throughout the week.  Believe it or not I have two purses, and I switch back and forth between the two depending on what I’m doing during the week.

The first purse is for just everyday use, when I’m driving the kids to and from school and grocery shopping, little stuff like that.  In there you’d find:

  • temple recommend
  • hand sanitizer
  • pen, pencil (in a pen case)
  • tampons
  • extra SD card for camera
  • car keys
  • wallet
  • book of stamps
  • check book (currently with no checks)
  • insurance cards in a side pocket
  • and one solitary paper clip (don’t ask me where if came from)

In my other, much larger purse that I use for playgroup, off-site therapy sessions, the library, etc.  When I need to run somewhere for longer periods of time I only need to grab my wallet and slip it in because I have:

  • pens and pencils
  • a baggy of crayons
  • diaper and wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • lip gloss
  • concealer
  • library card
  • container of Cheerios
  • sippy cup

The third bag that I use during the week is my church/ Primary bag.  It contains:

  • a half eaten bag of skittles
  • red and black dry erase markers/ eraser
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • a roll of magnetic tape
  • package of gum
  • baggy of balloons
  • Children’s Songbook
  • a big three-ring binder with this years’ songs and ideas
  • 101 talks for children
  • two copies of “Scripture Power”
  • a talk slip which I am seeing for the first time and we have church at 9 am!!!

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