DAY 29

… in this past month, what have you learned.

  • How good the sun feels, even if the wind is blowing!
  • How never to use spray adhesive in your family room!
  • How to properly install my children’s car seats!
  • How spiritually stirring it can be to hear 30+ junior primary children sing “Scripture Power”.
  • How much I love to sit next to my two-year old even though he can’t carry on a conversation!  Sometimes talking is overrated!!!
  • How much I took a crib for granted.  You don’t really notice how much you love it until your child comes and climbs in with you at 3 o’clock in the morning, ready for the day!

I’m constantly learning and growing and pushing my boundaries but these are just a few of the more standout things that I learned the past couple of weeks!


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