DAY 30

… a picture of you today & 20 goals you want to accomplish.

  1. Find out who I’m supposed to see (orthopedic or orthotist) about getting Jacob’s braces.
  2. Make appointment with orthopedic or orthotist so that we can finally get these bad boys on my son’s legs!
  3. Set up an exercise schedule either in the evening (preferred) or get up early 😛
  4. Finish reading The Princess Bride the Good Parts Version before book club.
  5. Start taking undergrad classes again next year when all the kids are in school.
  6. Get Jacob transferred over to the school district without interrupting his services!
  7. Wash my two-story windows!  Inside and out!!
  8. Finish the master bath curtain enclosure that I designed but am still waiting on the wood to be cut.
  9. I read 28 books last year and I want to beat that number!  Hopefully with more classics.
  10. Go through the 30 some odd episodes of $10 Meals and find/write down any recipes worth having.
  11. Check credit report and make sure everything’s looking good.
  12. Finish caulking the baseboards that were installed about a year ago.  Really dropped the ball on that one.
  13. Come up with a creative way to finish teaching “Scripture Power” to the Primary.
  14. Clean my car, inside and out, at some point this year!!!  I don’t know why that’s so hard to get done.
  15. Finish painting the downstairs closet doors.  Maybe I’ll roll the paint on one night while watching a movie with Jared.  Has the potential for being a great date night activity 🙂
  16. Make it to the Neurologist this week!  I’ve had to reschedule three times now. Ugh!
  17. Get my meals planned for the next month.  I normally do this, but the wedding threw me off my game for a while.
  18. Take a photography class and finally get a grasp on what I’m doing with my camera!
  19. Pull out the kids spring/summer clothes and put away the winter stuff.  Also, sort out what’s too small for Jacob and give away to Thomings.
  20. Ah!  I just found them!  Send out the backpacks we packed for Japan.  We are notorious for misplacing packages and then finding them months later!  I need to get to the postoffice A.S.A.P.

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