DS – service coordination

We have an appointment with Dr. Hawthorne next week.  He’ll finally be able to go over the genetic testing and the MRI results.  We’ve had to reschedule so many times due to sickness and bad timing so I’m excited to get into see him.

Today we scheduled Jacob’s transition plan/meeting for June.  Ah, that’s only two months away!

Kris had Jacob work on sorting colors – red, green, yellow, blue.  Jacob did very well with this today.  He had a good attitude which helped speed things along much faster.

He was saying a lot of new sounds and words – “c” for crayon, “quack” instead of his usual “cow cow” when he was referring to the ducks, “t” for turtle, “apple” and “ball”.  We worked on saying “b” for ball and banana because he tends to leave off that consonant.

She really wants me to sing more songs with him and start having him fill in the missing words.  It’s kind of along the lines of what Myrna has us doing for speech.  We need to build up a routine and then start leaving gaps in those routines and hopefully he’ll be so used to it that he’ll be able to finish it on his own.


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