Speech Therapy

Jacob is imitating and talking a lot!  Myrna was so excited to see him today.  And I guess I should say that Jacob was equally happy to see her!  I love how close he is to his therapists.

Jacob is talking so much.  He requested toys by pointing and imitated the sign for “play”.  He independently requested “Itsy Bitsy Spider”  by doing hand movement and verbally approximating “itsy bitsy”.  During the song he approximated “sh” for wash.

While looking at a picture book he panted for dog and spontaneously signed “open” for the cards to be opened.

I guess it’s not so much verbally talking but he is getting so much better at communicating or at least attempting to communicate!  It’s becoming much more enjoyable to interact with him because he can get across some idea of what he wants or needs without giving up in frustration.


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