Playgroup Therapy – Green Week

Okay, so I neglected to mention that at last weeks playgroup the supervisor gave me a calendar of activities to do with Jacob (and my other kids) during the week.  All the activities would relate in some way with what they will be doing later on at playgroup.  I wanted to give you the list to help inspire your creativity if you’re like me and having a hard time coming up with ideas of things to do with your toddlers and preschoolers.  So last week was RED WEEK.

  • Sunday- Label and discuss RED items found in and around your home.
  • Monday- Explore play dough at home.  Practice rolling, squeezing and pulling.
  • Tuesday- During bath time have your child practice pouring water between cups.
  • Wednesday- BAKE A CAKE!  Let your child assist with scooping, pouring, mixing, and stirring.
  • Thursday- Place a small dot of shaving cream on a tray and let your child smear around/ draw pictures in it.
  • Friday- PLAYGROUP: Making and exploring play dough (wear red)
  • Saturday- During mealtimes, encourage your child to serve their own food.

This week was the GREEN WEEK!  We labeled and pointed out things that were green in and around our house.  This meant that there were lots of trips to the park and lots of picnics in our yard.  What a great excuse to be outside!

  • Sunday- Label and discuss GREEN items found in and around your home.
  • Monday- Sing Old MacDonald had a Farm with your child.
  • Tuesday- Create an obstacle course at home for your child to follow.
  • Wednesday- Play Hid and Go Seek with your child using stuffed animals.
  • Thursday- Have your child climb over obstacles to obtain highly desired objects.
  • Friday- PLAYGROUP! Animal picture Sound Hunt and Obstacle Course Work.
  • Saturday- Label animals and their sounds when looking through a book or magazine.

The boys dressed in similar green outfits while Benjamin and Emma went to daddy’s work for a couple of hours.  I loaded their backpacks with all kinds of books, math pages, and writing paper to keep them busy.  They must have had fun because when I picked them up at the office later they both looked at me for a second and then ask why I was there.  As if there was some other reason that would bring me to daddy’s office besides them 🙂 .

Poor Joseph, you can see all the scrapes from our hike this past Monday!  At least he’s not phased by it.

It was so much fun to do playgroup again.  Jacob was still extremely shy and didn’t participate that much, but his speech therapist was helping out today and she was able to get him to work on the obstacle courses that they had set up for the kids.  It was all very simple stuff like crawling through the tunnel, standing and jumping from a raised surface into a hula hoop and then crawling back through another tunnel.  There was one that he really enjoyed that had a cylinder for him to roll himself over on his tummy and he would always get a running start which would cause him to flip over the other side.  It was like a big somersault, but with the cylinder to help support him.

This coming week we’ll be working on:

  • Sunday- Label and discuss PURPLE items found in and around your home.
  • Monday- Have your child water plants using a spray bottle.
  • Tuesday- Place an assortment of your child’s items in a container and have them put it away.
  • Wednesday- Draw a picture with your child.
  • Thursday- Let your child help wash dishes (real or pretend).
  • Friday- PLAYGROUP! Ball and Tongs, spray bottle painting
  • Saturday- Have your child pick up a variety of items around the home using tongs.

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