Happy Easter!

So, last night I was running all over town trying to find some plain oval chairs for the kids for Easter.  After going to five different stores and only two of them being open I was getting really frustrated.  I have been looking everywhere for these things and I haven’t been able to find anything better than the cheap character seats found at Wal Mart.  As I was sitting in the car, getting frustrated to the point of tears, I began to ask myself why I was putting myself through all of this.  When did Easter become about presents and toys, much like the way Christmas has become.  I suddenly realized that I didn’t want that!  I want my children to remember the Savior and not the cool toys or gadgets that they got.  I want them to remember the amazing sacrifice that was made for them and how all that is asked of us is that we put our best foot forward!  That’s when I decided that I should get a new little tie or something new to wear to church to symbolize them giving/ wearing their best.

I would have liked to just grab the boys new matching ties and Emma some gloves or a new bow but of course the only store I had to work with was Target and they don’t carry ties.  So, this year they each got a new shirt/ dress to wear and next year I’m going to keep it much more simple with the new tie thing.

So, this morning, the kids came down to find their new digs in their sorely needed new Easter baskets from mom and dad (not the Easter Bunny).  They ate breakfast and then proceeded to dressed in their new said digs!

We were even able to snap a quick family photo!!!  I tried to get Emma and I to match as best I could.  Purple and flowery is as close as I could get 🙂 .

After a wonderful morning at church, we came home to warm weather and eggs everywhere!!!  The kids waited long enough for me to grab their bags, and with a quick reminder that Jacob is a smaller than them… they were off!









They searched high and low and found 50 eggs in total.  There were 25 outside and 25 inside the house.


It was a great hunt but an even great afternoon and evening with movies and talking of the Savior and how special we are to take part in his atonement.

May you all have a wonderful Easter and feel of the Savior’s love on this special day!



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