FHE Bowling

The kids filled up the “courageous jar” yet again.  This time they earned a trip to the bowling alley.  I’m sorry to say that we have never been there as a family and I haven’t been bowling in years.

We did the whole thing with bumpers in the gutters and the fancy shmancy shoes!  The kids kept doing little boogie dances with them on.  Each child got their own turn and then mommy and daddy alternated helping Jacob out.  That kid was something else when it comes to bowling.  He would sit down on the chair all nice and quiet and then the minute you would say that it was his turn he would start hyperventilating and squealing!  He’d run to the ball return and start picking up a ball, so you had to make sure you were right there to supervise when it was his turn 🙂 .


Oh, I can’t tell you how much fun we had!  They each had their own unique way to knocking down the pins but they did amazingly well for their first time.  Emma is the only one that had been bowling and she went about a year ago for a birthday party.


  I was impressed by their ability to cheer eachother on and their patience with one another.









So you’re probably asking, “What on earth is Jacob eating?”  Since we went bowling right at dinner time I thought it would be a treat to order a pizza and some other gross junk food that the kids don’t normally get.  You know, as a treat!  Well, Jacob’s idea of treat food isn’t the food itself but the condiments that you dip your food in.  RANCH!!!  He sat there with the same french fry; dipping it in the ranch, sucking it off, and going back time and time again 🙂 .  He was just so happy I didn’t have the heart to tell him no.

Okay, so these last two pics were taken without my consent.  As you can see I was bowling at the time and my husband felt that this was a good shot.  He said that we didn’t have enough pictures of me!  All I could think was, “And THIS is the side of me that we want to have preserved for generations to come?” UGh!



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