Fine Motor Strengthening

I have to say it.  I love when Rebecca comes over to “play”.  I love how well Jacob responds to her and her tasks.  And she really seems to enjoy working with him.

Today she brough a huge container of uncooked rice to work in.  Luckily she brought along a blanket to put underneath where we worked because that rice went everywhere 🙂 !

She hid different objects in the rice and he had to first dig them out with his hands and then use either a spoon, tong, or oversized tweezers (depending on the size of the object) to pick them out and place them in the container.  I loved how she didn’t forget that he has a hard time distinguishing between different textures.  For whatever reason, the textures like smooth, soft, spiky, rough, bumpy, etc. do not get registered with him.  To help him work on that sensory awareness she hid little marbles in the rice so that when he would dig his fingers into it he could start to recognize the differences.

He did really well with the exercise but, as usual, he started to drool a lot when he was concentrating hard.

Rebecca brought a NeonDoodle for another activity.  She was able to get Jacob to imitate a vertical, horizontal, and circle line.  He isn’t quite able to complete without a demonstration and a lot of coaching, but I’m sure he’ll get there.


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