So, today was a pretty layed back day in the world of physical therapy.  Jacob usually fights with Kristen because her exercises are so strenuous on his body.  But I think he’s starting to build up a little muscle resistance which makes things so much easier on him.  It’s kind of funny because I was rubbing lotion on Jacob the other day and I could feel these little balls of muscle along the back of his calf.  HIS FIRST MUSCLES!!!

Anyway, sorry about the tangent.  We worked on the stairs again like last time.  He is doing really well!  He continues to hyperextend his knees but we have an appointment to see an orthotist to fit him for braces.  I don’t quite know how I feel about that.  I know they’ll eventually be good for him but could we have timed this any worse!  We just finished pant season and are into short season.  There’s going to be no way to hide those puppies!!


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