Playgroup Therapy- Purple Week

Today was playgroup therapy again!  I’m telling you, the boys look forward to this day all week long.  Joseph is always so excited to hold Jacob’s hand as we walk into that room.

Today’s activities  were working with balls and tongs.  It’s very similar to what we did in therapy with Rebecca earlier this week.  These tongs were a lot larger than the ones we used at home, but after a little practice and extra time, he could do it all by himself.

So the other half to the balls and tongs activity was that they had to, not only pick up the ball with the tongs, but they had to carry it about six feet to a basket where they had to sort the balls by color.  As you can see from the picture, he still has issues with red and green.

The ball activity was pretty easy for Joseph but he went ahead and made up his own version of the exercise to keep him on his toes.  Instead of using the tongs he would just use a spoon and balance the ball across the floor to where he’d sort it in the right basket.  It gave him a challenge and I was happy to see that he wasn’t bored by it.

The other activity for today was painting on a canvas (old white sheet) with spray bottles and diluted paints.  Now this was fun to watch!  Joseph gets so involved in what he’s doing as you can see from some of the pictures below.  It only became more entertaining when Jacob would try to imitate him.  At one point Jacob had completely forgotten that he was supposed to be painting the sheet and had the bottle aimed at his face!  I’m glad that he still isn’t quite strong enough to squeeze it all the way or else he would have had a face full of purple paint 🙂 .


So next weeks schedule is as follows:

    • Sunday- Label and discuss WHITE items found in and around your home.
    • Monday- Use sidewalk chalk to draw a picture outside.
    • Tuesday-  Plant a seed and watch it grow with your child.
    • Wednesday-  Play musical instruments with your child.
    • Thursday-  String beads or pasta shapes onto a string.
    • Friday-  PLAYGROUP: styrofoam hammer and rice buckets
    • Saturday-  Let your child bang on pots and pans using a wooden spoon.

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