Teacher Appreciation Prep

I had some extra time today so I thought I’d get a head start on my teacher appreciation projects for next week.  The PTA is supposed to do a great deal during that week, and since I’m on the board it goes that I’m supposed to be heavily involved.  They’re planning on doing a big huge Cinco de Mayo luncheon for the teachers but that requires me actually being on the grounds and I can’t guarantee that.  So, I was given the responsibility of finding a way to fill 35 terracotta pots by Friday.

There are several things that you can fill a pot with but I immediately thought of flowers!  It’s the perfect time of year, here in Vegas, to have your flowers thrive and look wonderful so I thought why not take advantage of that.

Luckily, Star Nursery had a sale going on for all different kinds of beautiful perennial flowers.  I mean you can’t beat $2.48 for a one gallon flower!  The sale ends next Wednesday and if I buy everything I need on Tuesday that should give me plenty of time to plant them and transport them to the school Thursday afternoon.  We need to have everything ready to go by the time school starts on Friday because classes have specials and I really want the kids to be present when their teachers get their flowers.

I had to take the three youngest with me because daddy was home cleaning the pool and Benjamin had homework he still needed to work on.  They needed the quiet time, so the youngers spent a lot of time gathered around the turtle pond.  At one point, they became confindent enough to try and pet the turtles that had come to the surface to see what was going on.  Watch out!  They snap!!!

I guess I should also think about creating some type of tag with a saying to stick into the pot.  Something along the lines of “Thanks for helping the kids grow!”  I’ll have to play around with that.


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