So, it was about 11:00 last night when Jared told me that Mother’s Day is next Sunday.  For some reason that sent my heart into palpitations and I couldn’t figure out why.  I then realized that the Primary traditionally sings during sacrament meeting on that Sunday and we hadn’t been asked or told to do anything.  I quickly call up my dad, who’s in the bishopric, who confirmed that the Primary was scheduled to sing.  CRAP!!!

I immediately started scanning through the Children’s Songbook looking for any and all music relating to mothers.  Once I settled on a couple that were not “traditional” and one a little more customary I set out to transpose them into the same key to make it easier for the pianist to go from one song to the next.  So I’ve got them singing “Teach me to walk in the light”, “Mother tell me the story”, and “I often go walking”.  It will just be the first verse of each song, leaving out the teacher and mother responses.

*** Okay, so the kids didn’t pick up on “Teach me to walk” as quickly as I had hoped.  They’re still fumbling a little on “Mother tell me the story” but I made a flip chart with big bold words so that at least the older kids can read off of it.  So we’ll just be doing the last two songs that I had planned.  Still good for only a week of practicing and no notice whatsoever!

I was able to create a little sign to place in each of the terracotta pots for teacher appreciation week.  I’ll just cut each of the circles out with my 3″ circle cutter and back them onto 4″ scalloped circles out of plain white cardstock.  Once that’s done all I’ll have to do is attach it to a wooden dowel and stick it in the dirt!


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