Teacher Appreciation- Monday

Of course, I made these adorable gifts for the kids to give to their teachers and forgot to take a picture of them before they left this morning.  Blasphemous!!!  Well, here’s a picture of the original idea that I got from my old friend Jennifer at eighteen25.  The only difference is that I slathered them with Mod Podge to give them a little more durability.

After I dropped the kids off I picked up the 35 terracotta pots that I’m going to fill.  Hopefully you can see, if you enlarge this picture, how absolutely beautiful they are.  For the past two weeks the students have been taking extra time out of their art class to paint these pots using their fingerprints!  They transformed their thumbprint into ladybugs and sports balls.  Each of their names was written below their fingerprint so that their teacher will always have a piece of them 🙂 !

I am so excited to be a part of presenting these treasures to the hardworking teachers!


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