Teacher Appreciation- Thursday

 Today’s gift to the kids’ teachers!

All you need is a composition book, paper grocery bag, and some corresponding scrapbook paper!

After having over 70 flowers in my garage for the last two days, I finally dropped them off in the PTA room to await delivery tomorrow morning.  But it was a huge ordeal to get them there in the first place.

After I got everyone ready and in the car to go to school that’s when I realized my car battery had died.  So, I’m stuck in the car and no one can pull into my garage to jump me because I had all those flowers on the floor where Jared’s car usually goes.  I didn’t know I could push my car out of the garage while it was in neutral until about 9:30, way after everyone had left for work and school.  Jared sent Michael to come jump my car, which is when we learned how important it is to have a proper connection between the batteries or nothing will ever happen (no matter how long you wait).

I didn’t get the kids to school until well after 10 and I had lost all the time I needed to get some extra supplies.  I’ve got all these projects started and mostly finished but nothing completely done.  I hate that feeling!  So, I did something that I never wanted to do and I gave myself a serious talking to after I did it.  I cancelled Jacob’s therapy for this afternoon!  I should have found another way to make it work but (at the time) that was all I could see to do to get everything done today.  (I don’t know why that just felt like I was confessing to murder!)

By the time I got home, I was able to finish making the accordion photo album, 36 flower toppers, and 35 of these adorable gift card holders as a fun way to give the teachers their Starbucks gift cards.  I got a call a few minutes ago telling me that I only need to make 10 because they narrowed down who they were calling “teachers”.  So I guess these will just be going to the teachers’ aids and specialists.  I wish I would have known about this change BEFORE I had done all the work.  Oh well!


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  1. Sara

    Wow! You are super creative! I love all of your ideas.

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