Playgroup Therapy- White Week

So, incase your hadn’t noticed, each weeks playgroup works on the skills that you were supposed to be developing during the week with their schedule.  So with this last weeks banging on pots and pans it led right into using hammers to hit golf tees into pieces of styrofoam!


Joseph was all Gung-ho about it, hitting tees into the foam in all different directions.  Jacob took a much more subdued approach 🙂 .  He did need me to show him how to start it off by holding the tee but once he saw it he caught right on.

Now, during the week we didn’t necessarily work with rice and beans but we did do a lot of OT (fine motor) skills work and that’s just what the rice and bean activity is working on.


For next week:

  • Sunday – Label and discuss BROWN items found in and around your home.
  • Monday – Have your child play with empty cardboard rolls.
  • Tuesday – Push your child on ride on toys.
  • Wednesday – Blow bubbles outside.
  • Thursday – Play on the swings and slides at the park.
  • Friday – PLAYGROUP: Ping pong chute and box rides
  • Saturday – Take turns rolling cars down a ramp or incline with your child.

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