Starting Soccer

Every time I go to sign up the boys for a sport I have missed the deadline by days.  This season was no different.  Actually it was more like weeks.  They are almost halfway though the season, but somehow my friend managed to squeeze Benjamin into her son’s soccer team.

I got a call from her Wednesday evening, after her son’s soccer practice, and she was all excited because she had talked to the coach about Benjamin.  She was trying to find out when we could sign up for the summer season but it turns out that there are barely enough kids to play this season and what ends up happening is that the kids have to play the whole hour without a break because there are no alternates.  So he’ll just be an alternate but he’ll get to practice and I’ll get to see if this is really something he wants to pursue.

We went to the team’s game this morning so that Benjamin could get a feel for what he’s going to be doing.  He watched very intently as the kids ran back and forth and while some took quite a beating.  He watched as they dusted themselves off and got right back in the game.  I think that was a goo thing for him to see.

Emma lounged on a blanket and soaked up some sun, while I had to keep running after Joseph and Jacob because they wanted to join the game so badly.

At the end of the game coach gave Benjamin his new jersey and told him that he needed knee-high socks, shin guards, and cleats by practice on Wednesday.  Benjamin was so excited that he played a little dress-up when we got home.  (I know it doesn’t look it, but he is excited about his new getup).


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