An unexpected Mother’s Day!

Okay, so Mother’s Day itself wasn’t unexpected but the gift that Emma ended up giving me sure was!

(You can see her nice chipped tooth from when she fell a few months back!)

The sweet thing has had her tooth loose for several weeks now but wouldn’t let anyone near it for fear of us trying to pull it out.  So, as she’s sitting back down in church after singing she realizes that her tooth has come out and starts talking very loud and animated.  Then she got real nervous because there was a bit of blood.  It took a minute to stop the bleeding and then she was able to appreciate what just happened.  She presented me with the tooth and said, “For you!  Happy Mother’s Day!”  Alright!?!  Never having turned down a gift from my child, I take it!  I don’t think it was the best present I received from her today, but it certainly meant the most to her!  She made a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers in her Primary class and wrote me a little note.  I have to say that the flowers were stunning and smelled even better than they look!

I thought it would be hard to top breakfast in bed and a husband that didn’t have to run off to meetings in the morning thereby leaving me with all four kids to get ready and to church by 9:00 but I was wrong.  It turns out that getting to snuggle in a bed with all my kids and take a three-hour nap was pretty darn nice too!  Jacob didn’t like the crowded bed and snuck off to sleep alone, but it was still nice.

(Again with the pictures of my backside!!!  Seriously!!!)


It is such a fun day when you have kids working so hard to please you.  It should be like that everyday (at least that the way I see it) but it was nice to hear and see them working so hard!  They made me a wonderful Chinese Chicken salad for dinner and brownies for dessert!  Who could ask for more.  I know that I certainly couldn’t!  I know that at times my children can get under my skin but I will NEVER EVER regret starting my family and becoming a mother!  I know that the world’s view of priorities doesn’t have motherhood at the top, but this is all I’ve ever wanted!  My Father in Heaven is pleased with my choice, my husband is overjoyed and so supportive, and I really could not ask for more and that’s all that matters!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all those women out there who put their children first and do it with a smile on their face!

(Joseph’s mason jar of cookie ingredients, Jared’s roses, card and photography lessons from my parents, more cake classes at Michael’s, Emma’s flowers from school, my pet rock from Benjamin 🙂 , Emma’s flowers from Primary, Benjamin’s “Mom Rock’s” card)


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