Literacy Night

Tonight was Literacy Night at the school.  I have to say that I’m really enjoying these different family nights that the school has been having (math night, fitness night, etc).  There were different classrooms set aside with different ways and ideas to encourage your child to read.

  • The Reading Room:
    They set aside one classroom where they had baskets of books and tons of oversized pillows to lounge around on so that you could have some quiet time to read, either to yourself or to a child.
  • Fluency Fun:
    The idea of turning reading time into a game was never more fun!  They had stop watches and different poems to time yourself.  They also focused on expression at one of the stations where they had fun rhyming pages.  You had to draw a slip of paper that gave you instructions on how to read the page like “with a deep voice” or “like a baby”.
  • Student Treasures:
    When we got to this classroom we discovered that the kids had all written a page in a book and it had been published!  How fun!!!  These are Benjamin’s pages…
  • Ticket to Read:
    Down in Benjamin’s pod we got to learn a bit more about the Ticket to Read website.  It’s a computer program that they use at school but would be so nice to use at home.  Each of the kids was given an account.  I’m really hoping that this program, along with the BookIT program will keep the kids reading all summer long!
  • At the end of the night we were able to swing by the Book Fair and check out all the wonderful books that are being sold.  Lucky for our pocketbooks that the library hold the kids’ current book obsessions, Biscuit books for Emma and The Magic Treehouse series for Benjamin.

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