Feeding Therapy

Myrna came over today to work on Jacob’s biting, chewing, and rotary movement.  We had just gotten back from dropping the kids off at school and I had just finished making a spinach smoothie for my breakfast.  Oddly enough, Jacob loves eating these with me!  So when Myrna got here, Jacob and I were out on the front porch, drinking our smoothies, and watching a hummingbird fly around our yard 🙂 .

He is doing really well with open cup drinking so we focused on his chewing.  Myrna brought a tri-chew for Jacob.  After showing Jacob how she wanted him to bite down on it we found out that he has less jaw strength on his right side.  He also has more difficulty when the chew was brought closer to the front of his mouth.

We worked with smarties candies to show and encourage proper rotar chewing and tongue movements.

We need to work on strengthening his jaw by doing back molar/jaw biting 5 times on each side.  We’ll also work with the tri-chew 10 times on each side and practice biting and holding.


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