Soccer Practice

Today was Benjamin’s first soccer practice.  Since he’s joining the team half way through the season and having never done a league sport before I was a little nervous for him.  Of course these are things that I would never tell him because I don’t want to compound any anxiety he might feel, but from the way that he was bouncing around the house to get ready I have a pretty strong feeling that nothing will get in the way of his happy mood 🙂 !

Benjamin’s team mates and coach welcomed him with open arms, but there was no time to sit around and explain to him all the ins and outs of the game.  He did surprisingly well for never having played the game before!

The other kids seemed to enjoy the good weather and being outside.  In fact, they were a little rambunctious and didn’t seem to understand why they couldn’t go out and play on the field as well.  Jared had the good sense to bring a baseball, glove, and extra soccer ball so that the other kids could play while we watched Benjamin.



Even though it was only in the 80’s the kids were running around for close to 2 hours and when you’re not used to that you get a little red and thirsty.  Benjamin got his fair share of water, both inside and out.  To help cool him off I would pour some water down his back or around his neck 🙂 .  After warning him, or course!

We’re so excited for the rest of the season!  Now all we need to decide is whether or not to sign him up for the summer or skip it and wait to enroll him in the fall.  It will be stinkin’ hot here in the summer but if we don’t we run the risk of him forgetting everything that he’s been learning.  Decisions, decisions!!!


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  1. Dan Davis

    Hey, be careful. Watching your kids play sports is soooo addictive! I love to watch my boys play. But I love to watch them do well ay anything. So glad he is hav8nguyen so much fun. I wish we were closer so our kids could play together.

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