Playgroup Therapy- Brown Week

Playgroup again!  One of the highlights of our week!  It’s funny to hear me say that because I think back to just six months ago and how my priorities and my idea of a good week have shifted so much.  I’ve always been about my kids and I think as a stay-at-home mother you can’t help it, but everything has taken on a new meaning and it doesn’t feel forced or sarcastic.  It truly was the highlight of my week!

Playgroup always starts out with free play.  Jacob tends to gravitate to a couple of activities, one being the mini trampoline.  He still hasn’t managed to get air on it but he’s starting to really push it and get a good bounce going.  If he’s not on the trampoline he’s on one of the mini cars!  That boy loves him a good car ride 🙂 .

After free time, we head over to the big mat and have hello and singing time!  It’s taken almost the entire five weeks to get Jacob comfortable enough to sing and do the actions with the group.  He’ll only do it when he’s facing me, but that’s progress!

After music time each of the kids chooses between two different shapes and that determines where they will do their next activity.


This weeks activity was paper towel/ TP roll mazes.  They were quite cute and kept the kids coming back for more.  The important thing for Jacob was that in order for him to get the ball into the start he had to constantly go onto his tiptoes, a great physical activity.

The boys got to drive in cardboard box cars for the next activity!  You’d think with how crazy Jacob is about all things car related that he would have enjoyed this activity a little more.  As you can tell by from the picture to the right, Joseph had enough fun for the both of them 🙂 !  I think what turned Jacob off on this one was the fact that one of the little girls took it upon herself to be Jacob’s second mommy.  She wanted to hold his hand everywhere and push him in the “car” everywhere.  He wasn’t so keen on that!

But no worries.  As soon as time was up for the developmental activities it was on to snack time!  Keeping with the theme of brown week, they got a chocolate pudding cup.  I question the sanity of the individual that thought it would be fun to serve 10+ toddlers chocolate pudding and try to keep everything relatively neat and orderly!

After snack time we get to go back to the mat and sing a couple more songs and play with the parachute!  It’s to work on simple commands like “up” and “down”, “fast” and “slow”, it also encourages the kids to communicate their desires before we offer them options and try to speak for them.  Their favorite part is when they get to go under the parachute and lay on the mat while it goes up and down and fans them with air!


The boys get to enjoy more free time with the toys.  There’s this one therapist that I know would do anything for Jacob because she pushed him around in this (I don’t know how else to describe it) circular toy on wheels.  It’s already awkward to maneuver but then you add the weight of a child and that makes for a real challenge.  But she could see how he would lite up and that seemed to be all she wanted!  While Jacob was getting toted around, Joseph was off using a box to transform into a turtle!  In the four years that I’ve known this larger-than-life spirit I have learned to stop asking why and just go along for the ride.  You’d be surprised where he can take you 🙂 .

So there you have it!  This is a typical Friday morning for us because I know how much you wanted to know how we spend our time 😉 .

Next week we have:

Sunday – Label and discuss ORANGE items found around your home.
Monday – Have your child roll a ball into a target.
Tuesday – Peel an orange with your child.  Have them feel it, smell it, taste it.
Wednesday – Roll up newspaper to form a bat and have your child tap ball across the room.
Thursday – Place child in the center of two sheets.  Two adults grab eachc end and slowly rock the child back and forth.
Friday – PLAYGROUP: Sheet rides and sensory miniature golf!
Saturday – Read a book with your child on blankets with different textures.


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