Fathers and Sons Camping

Right after school yesterday the boys, Daddy, Papa and Michael all left for the annual Fathers and Sons campout!  I didn’t feel comfortable having Jacob go just yet so he, Emma, and I went to a little part where a bunch of the other mothers and daughters could have some fun while the men-folk were out playing in the dirt!

When we got home it was shower and then bed!


The boys set up their campsite in the middle of …. no where!  Personally, I don’t see the appeal, but then again it is called “Fathers and Sons”.


They played “Harry Potter”…

They dug in the dirt for treasure (still fail to see the lure in that one)…

Played with RC cars…

Did some 4 wheeling…

And some other stuff that I’m not to happy with!!!
I can see teaching Benjamin to shoot, although I think it wasn’t the appropriate time (Fathers and Sons) but there is nothing you can say to me that will make me feel alright about my 4-year-old learning how to shoot a gun!  He’s not mature enough to understand the concept.  And I really don’t agree with the men telling everyone that they would be going to a new location where they wouldn’t be able to bring guns and then pull out the guns when I can no longer have a say in whether my son goes camping.  I probably would have kept Joseph home if I knew that was going to be the case!  A little upset, can you tell!?!

And woke up bright and early so that they could make it home for the soccer game!!!

When they walked in the door they were literally a different shade of brown because of the layer of dirt they were covered in!  Fun times 🙂 !!!


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