DS- Communication

Jacob is attempting more words and sounds.

He is sorting colors and matching so much better!

Kris worked on new words while using the color sorting boxes.  Jacob did so well when Kris would ask him to mimic or try to say a word that he would normally just grunt at.  I think he knows there are higher expectations with Kris than with Jared and I because we work all the time with him and his speech and it seems to go no where until one of the therapists come for a visit.  That’s when he seems to open up and show all his new tricks!

We worked on body parts and language with her Mr. Potato Head.  Jacob was able to label each body part with prompting on some of the more difficult ones like arm and hand.  He was able to point to the matching body part on himself and me!

After watching him and Kris work today I can’t believe how well he’s doing!


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