Rockin’ Picnic

The school is doing a whole “Reading Rocks” theme for the month of May.  They have all kinds of fun events scheduled for the kids to help encourage reading at school and at home.  In fact, just this past Monday we got a call from Benjamin’s teacher to see if she was able to “catch” Benjamin reading.  He always enjoys it when his teacher calls home 🙂 !

Today the school set up a “Rockin’ Picnic” where parents and family members would be able to bring a book along with a picnic lunch to share with their child.  We were able to pick up Emma before the bus took her home, but just as we were getting ready to go out and eat it started to rain!  Hard!!!  We ended up having lunch on a blanket in the training room, but it was still a nice change.

Turkey sandwiches, fruit snacks, juice, and Cheez-IT crackers made for a fun lunch!  While the kids and I were waiting for Benjamin to get back from P.E. we read The Spooky Old Tree and Green Eggs and Ham.  Benjamin had made a special request for me to read Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters which I did when he joined us.  Daddy was able to take his lunch hour a little earlier than usual and come hang out with us.  What a fun afternoon!


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