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We were graced with Kris’ presence again today even though she was just here yesterday.  We had missed a session and needed to make it up for the month.  It actually ended up being a good thing.  Jacob was in the mindset and was more willing and receptive to what we worked on today than usual.

Today we worked on sorting colors and individual play.  Jacob was able to sort 5 colors all by himself.  I think we’ve finally overcome whatever issues he was having with the red, green, and blue during his usual sorting time.

Next, we did the farm shape sorter.  Jacob put 8 shapes in and worked on naming the animals and animal sounds.

Jacob worked on stringing beads and needed hand over hand assistance with pulling the string through the hole.  He seems to do a little better with his left hand.  I’m not entirely sure if that means he’s a leftie just yet, but I’ll keep an eye on it.  He does much better when we use a skewer instead but he does need to learn how to do the string too.

We worked on big and little.  Jacob pointed to the bigger/ smaller object without any trouble. 🙂


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