Playgroup Therapy- Orange Week

Today's playgroup was centered around sensory stimulation!  This is something that we work really hard with our OT, Rebecca.  For some reason, the hypotonia seems to affect his ability to discern and differentiate between textures and some sensation.  This week was perfect for him.

We did some miniature sensory golfing :) .  What is sensory golfing you ask?  Well, the therapists set up six different stations with different textures for the kids to stand on with their bare feet.  There was felt, plush carpet, foam, sandpaper, bubble wrap, artificial grass, and carpet padding.  These fun textures combined with bare toes made for a very interesting activity.  I watched as Jacob would squish his toes on the foam, stomp on the bubble wrap, and walk around saying "ouch" and giggling on the sandpaper.  I have to say this was a pretty ingenious idea!


 The other activity that we had today was sheet rides.  It’s a little different so I took a video of Jacob and Joseph going for a ride…

As you can see, it wasn't one of Jacob's happier moments.  The therapist that pulled them around the room asked if Jacob liked the swings at the park.  As I thought about it I realized that he does, but only to a point.  He enjoys sitting in the seat and rocking but anything where you get too high and you have that opposing force too great he starts to freak out.  She told me that the sheets and the swing are stimulating the same sense.  She said that he might, after some practice, grow to trust and like the sheets and then we could graduate to the swings.

Another great thing about this exercise is that you're giving your child pretty much a full body massage.  If their sitting or lying down obviously they'll get more out of one than the other.  But the process of dragging them over the floor somehow stimulates their senses in their extremities and massages over them at the same time.

Next week we have:

Sunday - Label and discuss BLACK items found in and around your home.
Monday - Stack cereal boxes or cans with your child.
Tuesday - Play ball with your child: kicking, throwing, rolling, and bouncing.
Wednesday - Roll objects around the house with your child.
Thursday - Stack wooden blocks together and then knock them down. Do it again! And again!
Friday - PLAYGROUP: Tire roll and Stacking cans
Saturday - Allow child to practice removing their own clothes before bathing.


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