The Orthotist

Today was supposed to be out appointment to get Jacob fitted for braces.  Caught that did ya?  That’s right… supposed to be!  (I’m going to rant for a few minutes so be patient).

Instead of getting braces we get to try to reschedule an appointment with everyone present.  That means Jacob, his physical therapist, the pediatrician, the orthotist, and the pediatric orthopedist all under one roof.  I love that everyone’s coming together I just wish someone would have told me this would be necessary and it would have saved me the time and money in going down there today.  Jacob missed his nap because of this and now I get to deal with a cranky baby.  I wouldn’t mind so much if it had produced some type of result, but it didn’t.

The one good thing that has come from this whole mess is that everyone is trying their best to make this work for Jacob.  They do have their hearts in the right place, I just wish that would follow with their schedules.

Ah, just a bit frustrated.  I’ll get over it and before we know it we’ll be gathered together making this all work out!  PATIENCE!!!


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One response to “The Orthotist

  1. Jessica

    I’m sooo sorry! I know how it feels having a million appts every week and then something goes wrong. We are pretty excited to get the braces for our little connor and hopefully he will be able to stand by himself. We need to talk since we are going through sooo much similar stuff! Send me a message on fb with your number and I will give you a ring 🙂

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