“The Armor of God”

This morning we had our Primary quarterly activity on “The Armor of God”.  We just finished learning the song “Scripture Power” where it talks about finding the sword of truth and taking the shield of faith.  It has been a big hit with the kids and I’m so glad our presidency decided to go with something the kids are passionate about right now.

At the last-minute I was asked to help out and do a ten minute little lesson about having your “feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace” – Ephesians 6:15

There were to be six different stations for the kids to go to and after each lesson they would receive another magnetized piece of armor to go on their army man.  At the end of the morning they should have participated and received all six pieces of armor that when put on the man would protect him 🙂 .  I thought it was quite cute!

I didn’t know what to do and how to teach them about protecting your feet with preparation!?!  It was a long shot, but I took ten different pairs of shoes (heels, boots, flip-flops, etc) from every member of our household and assigned them a number.  I then numbered slips of paper 1-10 and put them in a container so that the kids could draw one out later.  Whatever number they drew would correspond with a pair of shoes that they would then have to put on and walk around the room in.

(It’s hard to snap pictures of kids that don’t want proof that they had in fact worn girls’ shoes).

 When everyone had a chance to wear a pair of shoes I asked them how it was.  Were they comfortable?  Would they wear them again?  Would they wear them to play at the park (for heels)?  Or would they wear them to go grocery shopping (toddler-sized tennis shoes)?

I then asked them if when shopping for new shoes, would they take the first pair that they’d see off the shelf?  They replied no.  I told them that sometimes they’d need to get their feet sized, go to the right section (boy or girl), and possible try them on to make sure they weren’t too small or too big.  If they were too small the shoes might cause blisters, but if they were too large they would fall off all the time and be a nuisance.  They also needed to take into account what these shoes were for.  Were they going to the beach (flip-flops), soccer (cleats), church (dress shoes), hiking (hiking shoes), or everyday.

Every day Satan is trying to break and destroy us.  One of the easier ways is to destroy our foundation or our feet.  If he can cut our foundation out from under us everything else will crumble and fall.  That’s why even our feet need to have protection.  You can think of our foundation as our testimony!  But just like we have more than one pair of shoes in our closet, we also have more than one testimony.  We have a testimony about a lot of things (the prophet, the scriptures, the word of wisdom, tithing, etc.)  We need to make sure that we prepare ourselves and feed our testimonies by reading the scriptures and saying our prayers.  By doing that each day, we will be preparing our spirits for any kind of attach that might be made by Satan.



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4 responses to ““The Armor of God”

  1. Lisa Orvis

    hi. My name is Lisa Orvis and I am in Hawaii! I work with YWAM. I am creating teacher training that will train teachers all over the world. I am teaching them about putting on the armour of God, and I wanted a simple picture to include in case they have not seen this kind of soldier before. COuld I use your picture in our training? I would of course include your name and any information you would like, such as your website address. Would that be ok with you?

  2. Hi there!

    I was looking for an image of the ‘Armor of God’ when I stumbled on your article, and I have to say this is really inspiring. I hope and pray that you continue inspiring people thru your gift of writing.

    Also, I grabbed your image and posted it in my article. I hope you wont mind. You can always message me if you want your image removed from my blog.

    Thank you and God bless us always.

  3. Hi Brianna, This is so cute I am doing family home evening on the Armor of God and it is perfect. Would you mind sending me a copy of your cute guy with the armor pieces.

  4. Gayle Gibbons

    Hi Brianna, we are just looking at trying to implement this with our preschool children interest in superheroes, can you please send me the link for dressing the man up. God bless you Almighty with all your wonderful ideas. God bless. Gayle

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