Sick Family

Ugh!  There should be a rule that states that no matter how many members of the family get sick and not matter what type of sickness it is, the mother is exempt!  Sadly, until such a law/ rule exists all us mothers are subjected to all viruses and bacteria too.

Jacob had it late last week, Joseph had it Sunday and Monday.  I started throwing up this morning and continued to every ten minutes until about 7 o’clock this evening.  My stomach aches!  My energy level is down which is not a good thing when you have to be everywhere and do everything.  Jared was amazing to take the rest of the day off work so that he could pick up kids, feed kids, and make sure they didn’t burn the house down 😉 .  I know I won’t be luck enough to get another day of him staying home so I need to take advantage of these next few hours and sleep!!!


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