Speech Communication

Something has clicked and Jacob is now talking more and imitating 2 word phrases without prompts.

Jacob was shy and a little fussy today.  He requested the ball verbally and imitated “more ball” with minimal prompting.  He signed for open and imitated “oh puh” verbally two different times.

He wasn’t willing to work on the speech exercises for long but Myrna came with a little snack to work on his feeding if she needed to.

He did 20 bites on each side of the jaw with her knobby tube (similar to the tri-chew from a couple of weeks ago).  She offered cookies to him after he said “cook”.  He threw a little tantrum when she didn’t give him the whole bag 🙂 .  In a way I’m kind of glad that they got to see that side of him so that they are aware that he’s not always so compliant.  He did eventually request “mo cook” (more cookies) even with his mood being sour.

There was lots of drooling today.  We need to work more on the verbal cues for that!


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