Playgroup Therapy- Black Week

Today’s playgroup focused on gross motor skills.  We had a ball toss and a tire roll.  The tire roll was the highlight of the day.  I haven’t seen Jacob laugh and smile so much around the other therapists during the last eight weeks.  He absolutely LOVE this activity!  And toward the end he got pretty go at it.


If you get a chance to watch the video you can hear him telling the therapist to “GO!” after she prompts him with “Ready? Set?…”

 (Darn it! I don’t know why it processed the video upside down. Sorry!)

Next week we have:

Sunday - Label and discuss BLUE items found in and around your home.
Monday - Have your child help with sorting laundry.
Tuesday - Make a rainbow fruit salad using bananas, oranges, grapes, strawberries, etc.
Wednesday - Ask your child to assist with setting the table during mealtimes.
Thursday - Make silly faces in front of a mirror with you and encourage him to imitate.
Friday - PLAYGROUP: sorting laundry and color mixing
Saturday - Fill an empty water bottle with blue colored water and place beads or glitter in the water. SEAL TIGHTLY!


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