Shopping for TVs

We are in the process of building an entertainment unit in our family room 🙂 .  That means that our TV will no longer fit in that room.  We have been saving up a little extra to buy a new tv anyway.  Actually, in 10 years of marriage we have never bought a TV.  We were given our first one as a wedding gift and that’s what the kids now use in the toy room.  We were given a slightly larger TV from neighbor right before we moved to PA and that’s what we currently have in our bedroom (still like to see how I can get it out of there).  The TV that is currently in our family room was given to us by my parents when they no longer had space for it in their garage.  It’s still in good use but we need a TV that doesn’t have a speaker box at the base.  So, to RC Willey we go!

It is so easy to get all caught up in the size and how many features one model has as opposed to another model.  By the time we were done we had spent almost double what we had originally intended.  By the time we having them do a credit check we were having second thoughts.  It’s just that we worked so hard to get out of debt.  And for what?  To rack up another bill?  So, we put it back and got a slightly smaller one that will work just fine for what we need it for, because even if we got the 3D capable one it would just sit there unused.  Or I’d have to go out and buy a 3D player and glasses and then that $2,000 tv just turned into $3,000.

So, all in all, I’m pleased and Jared’s pleased because we saved money 🙂 and I think it will be just lovely in our new niche!  Check back for pictures when it’s all done!

OH!  But the whole reason of doing this post was to show you these hilarious pictures of Joseph.  While we were discussing HD and PSI and all those other little terms with the salesman, Joseph had snuck off to one of the little display areas and this is how we found him!  He started off watching Harry Potter (which I don’t approve of) and when we checked on him about 10 minutes later he had moved to Avatar (which I still don’t approve of).  But he was happy and letting us shop so I didn’t push it.



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