Start of the Memorial Day Weekend

With it being a holiday weekend, we were able to hang out with our long-lost Arizona cousins!  It’s always great when we get to see them and we try to soak up as much of them as we can to last us ’til the next time we see them.

I can’t believe how big Hannah is getting.  Not big as in size but maturity!  She’ll be 9 here in a couple of weeks.  She took some time to show me and Emma how to make some really cute hair clips.  The roses that we made could go on a headband or a clip.  We made a couple of both!  It was also really great that she let me play with her hair.  I know, such a girly thing to say but when your daughter’s hair is too short to try braids it’s kind of nice to have the long thick hair to fiddle with.

Well, I don’t know about her but I sure had fun!  As long as it’s still cool to hangout with your aunt I think I’m in the clear 🙂 .

Since it’s not every day that all the cousins are together we had to try to get a group shot.  I took 17 pictures!  I got all the way to #6 before I realized we were missing my little Jacob.  Way to go mom!!!  Out of the 17 only two made the cut.  I think it’s a miracle we even got that many!


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