Field Day ’11

With only one week left of school, and still so many activities to attend, today was the ever exciting Field Day extravaganza!

They changed things up a little bit.  Normally everyone from every grade is out on the field but this year they kept the Kindergarteners on their playground.  It was a little inconvenient when you have to run back and forth to help out with different classes and watch two seperate children but it was nice that the little kids got to enjoy themselves and not get run over by the bigger kids.

There’s not much writing to this post, but there are a lot of pictures.  I think they speak for themselves!  And can you tell how much fun their having?  You can almost hear them yelling through the screen! Oh wait, that’s my kids downstairs 😉 .






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One response to “Field Day ’11

  1. Grandma Combs

    I love looking at the pictures.. it’s second best to being there!!!

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