Playgroup Therapy- Blue Week

We only have two weeks left of playgroup.  Boy are we going to miss it, but I am so glad we were able to take this little journey and Jacob has come out the other side so much better for it.

It’s amazing how it always works out this way, but this weeks playgroup activities focused on several of the things we worked on during the week with our other therapy sessions.  In OT we used clothes pins as a fine motor activity to help with his pinching and grasping.  Today’s activities centered around those same techniques.  At one station the kids had to pair up socks and then hang them on a clothes line.  At the other station they used an eye dropper to suck up colored water and then squeeze it out again on coffee filters.  I’m sure his fingers were cramping up toward the end, but he was having fun!

I was able to get a picture of Jacob and the parachute!  It’s part of the routine that the leaders have created for the kids to follow but, as you can tell from the smile on his face, it is a well-loved routine!


Next week:

Sunday – Label and discuss YELLOW items found around your home.
Monday – Place a scoop of pudding on a tray and let your child spread it around.
Tuesday – Model hand washing with your child and have your child imitate.
Wednesday – Take a walk outside and find yellow items with your child.
Thursday – Have your child pretend to take care of a stuffed animal (bathing, feeding, etc.)
Friday – PLAYGROUP: Stamping and Handprints
Saturday – Is it hot outside? Water play! Let your child play with water under your supervision.


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