Soccer Awards

Today was the last game for the spring.  How lucky we were to get in on this season and at least find out that Benjamin really really enjoys it.  I think it’s been really good for him too.  He does prefer to read or play on the computer but what kid wouldn’t especially if he wasn’t given another option.  Having soccer has made being out in the 90 to 100 degree weather worth it for him.  He has asked to continue playing, even through the summer.  I figured I give him the choice because he’d be the one out there running around, but he surprised me and said that he could just go home and go swimming.  So I guess that settles it!

So right after the game we headed over to Sunset Park where we had our fill of food and fun.  I mean, who eats this many pizzas?  Try 10 super hungry BLACK WIDOWS and their families!  Especially if those family memebers are climbing trees and running around.


Benjamin was so excited when he got his medalion and certificate!  I have to say that getting the medalions was a much better idea than those little plastic trophies that get broken on the ride home from the ceremony.  It even had his name engraved on the back.


I’m so glad that they waited to break out the water balloons AFTER the ceremony.  But Emma surprised me by going all out with the water.  I kind of thought she would shy away from it, but she kept going after the big kids and even the coach!

Can’t wait for more soccer!


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