Benjamin’s 3rd Award Ceremony

Today was Benjamin’s third and final award ceremony for the first grade.  Jared had the privilege of representing our family since I was at home with Jacob and Kristen.  I do have to say that I feel a bit bad that I couldn’t make it especially since I haven’t missed a single one yet.  I guess there’s always a first for everything and there are bound to be more to follow as all four kids move into grade school.  The best I can do is make an effort and make the events that really matter.

This is soooo Benjamin!  He tries to make light of any type of positive attention.

Here he is accepting his award for Perfect Attendance.

And here he is coming back down to accept his award for A Honor Roll!  He worked so hard for that.  Some of you are probably saying, “He’s only in first grade.  It’s not that hard.”  Then you don’t know his teacher.

The first week of school Benjamin was testing at a second grade reading and math level.  Him and a handful of other students were put into her “smart group” and were challenged throughout the entire year.  By this time he is now at a fluent fourth grade reading level, can add and subtract numbers in the hundreds, and do 30 math facts in under one minute.  I don’t ever remember first grade being that difficult.  The cool thing is that his teacher recognized his potential and pushed him to excel.

We’ve been very blessed with the teachers that we’ve had, even Emma’s kindergarten teacher was pushing her past first grade levels.  But one thing is for sure, I will never leave my kids’ education solely in the hands of the school.  They may have the best intentions possible but sometimes kids get overlooked, especially when they’re on the outer ranks of being too advanced or not advanced enough.  I still do lessons at home with my kids, at least twice a week.  Well, those are at least the structured ones.  We’re always talking and learning.  You’d be amazed at how much your kids will learn when you take an extra few minutes to talk with them when they ask you a question.  When you talk to them about what they are interested in they retain information so much better.

Anyway, kinda went off a bit but I’m so happy with the work that Benjamin has done this year and can’t wait for the summer when we can do some cool stuff and not have the time restraints that come with school.


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