PT Update

I hate those days when you have to be in a million different places at the same time.  Luckily, I have family that love me and ditch their lives to help me out.  At 10 o’clock I needed to be in the multipurpose room for Benjamin’s award ceremony, the kindergarten playground for Emma’s water day extravaganza, and our family room for Jacob’s physical therapy session.  I really needed to be with Kristin today because she is going to coach me a bit on what to do for my big meeting of the minds tomorrow for Jacob’s braces.  So Jared took Benjamin’s award ceremony and my mom took Emma’s water day.  Everyone’s covered!  Then why do I feel like a failure???  Uh, this double booking stuff has got to stop!

Jacob worked so hard today.  I’m predicting an early nap, possibly passing out on the kitchen table 🙂 .

Jacob worked on going up and down (all while balancing on what looked to be a giant Kush ball) to get magnetic fish with a magnetized fishing rod.

Jacob then worked on walking up and down the steps to get animals and then climbed up and down the couch to put them in the bucket.

Like I said, I think the kid is going to pass out later!


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