Emma Graduates Kindergarten


Emma has officially graduated Kindergarten!

Emma is beyond ready for first grade.  She’s got all the skills that she needs we just need to make sure she gets another amazing teacher like Mrs. Y that will push her.

It was a wonderful ceremony only made complete by mommy crying!  There was one song, set to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s New York New York, that Benjamin sang last year as well, that really choked me up.

First Grade, First Grade

Start spreading the news, we’re leaving today.

We want to be a part of it, First grade, First grade!

We’ve worked very hard. We’re ready to go.

We’re going to be a part of it, First grade, First grade!

We know our ABC’s and our 1,2,3’s.

We’ve worked at sounding out words and stories to tell.

Just ask us to rhyme, we’ll say tens and pens.

We’ve learned to share and get along with all of our friends.

So now we made it there, we’ll make it anywhere.

We’re on our way, First grade, First grade!


What a beautiful day to celebrate your child’s progression in school!  The weather was wonderful which is something because this time of year is usually a bear.

Nana was the only one outside of our little family that came to watch her walk.  Patsi and John have moved up to Jordan, Utah for her new job as superintendent, Papa was out of town, Michael and Amy were both at work, as well as Sissa.  Luckily daddy made it, but I don’t think anything could have stopped him from watching his little girl!

After the ceremony there was a little reception out in the courtyard.  We were able to track down some of Emma’s friends to say good-bye.  For most of the school year all we would hear was “Jordan this” and “Jordan that”.  Jared and I were so nervous that it was some little boy that she had become infatuated with.  Imagine our relief when she finally introduced us to her BFF Jordan (very much a girl) Bailey 🙂 .

We had to wait a while for the crowd to die down so that we could get a picture with Mrs. Y and tell her how much we were going to miss her.  She let slip that she was moving up to first grade again next year and is keeping her fingers crossed that she might get Emma again.  I’m hoping we do get her or at least someone like her.  I’m afraid that if we get a real lovey-dovey teacher that Emma will unwittingly take advantage of that and her more chatty shelf will emerge.

Well, we have a whole eleven weeks to build up a good base for first grade!


Here’s to first grade!



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2 responses to “Emma Graduates Kindergarten

  1. Lori Hillstead

    Love all the great pictures! So fun.

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